ACP Program

Join us in closing the digital divide and creating a more equitable future with the ACP Affordable internet solutions. Together, we can empower communities, drive economic growth, and enhance educational opportunities.

Empower communities with the ACP Affordable Connectivity Program Funding, bridging the digital divide through accessible and affordable internet solutions. Through our program, organizations can access funding to launch or expand their connectivity projects.

We understand the challenges faced by community-driven initiatives, and our funding is designed to empower local leaders and organizations with the resources they need to make a meaningful impact. From rural areas to urban centers, we aim to bring affordable connectivity to every corner of society.

In addition to financial support, the ACP Affordable Connectivity Program offers guidance, expertise, and technical assistance to funded projects. We work closely with grantees, providing mentorship and sharing best practices to maximize the effectiveness and sustainability of their connectivity initiatives.

Explore our funding opportunities and be a catalyst for change in bridging the gap to affordable connectivity.