Tips: How to Transfer Internet When You Move

How to Transfer Internet When You Move: Utmost internet providers make it fairly easy to transfer your internet service each you have to do is tell them where you ’re going and schedule a date for activation and installation.

But in order for you to move your service, you ’ll still have to be on your provider’s network in your new place. else, you ’ll need to find a new internet plan. And since you ’re moving, you might want to check for other options that were n’t available to you ahead, like a cheaper or faster plan from a different provider.

We put together a step- by- step companion to successfully transferring your Wi- Fi to a new home. Our suggestions can help make your move as stress-free as possible.

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Step-by-step guide

There’s a quick look at what you have to do before we go into specifics

  • Step 1 Tell your ISP that you ’re moving.
  • Step 2 See if you can move your internet service to your new home.
  • Step 3 Check for abatements or deals.
  • Step 4 Install and spark your new internet service.

Step 5 Run a speed test in your new home.

Tell your internet provider that you’re moving

ProviderContact infoLearn more
Xfinity+1-800-934-6489More Info
AT&T+1-800-288-2020More Info
Spectrum+1-833-267-6094More Info
CenturyLink+1-866-642-0444More Info
Xtream Powered by Mediacom+1-800-479-2082More Info
Google Fiber+1-866-777-7550More Info
Cox Communications+1-800-234-3993More Info
EarthLink+1-888-327-8454More Info
Optimum+1-888-276-5255More Info

You ’ll need to communicate your internet service provider( ISPs) to see if you can transfer your Wi- Fi to a new home.

When Aim to communicate your provider at least two weeks before your move date so that you have a wide enough window of time to make arrangements for an activation date and professional setup, if necessary.

How Whether you ’re transferring internet service from AT&T, Xfinity, CenturyLink, Cox or another ISP, all you have to do is subscribe onto your account online or call a client service agent to figure out how to move your internet. Take a look at the phone figures and websites above to find further information.

Pro tip

still, take a look at our companion to internet for apartments to figure out what to choose when it comes to speed, outfit, If you ’re setting up Wi- Fi in a new place for the first time.

You ’ll also need to figure out what to do if your homeowners association works simply with one internet service provider. That’s a fairly uncommon issue, so do n’t worry too important. But you may need to bandy effects with your HOA if you want to make any out-of-door installations for a fairly new service like 5G internet.

See if you can move your internet to a new location

ProviderAvailability (% of U.S. population)Regions where it’s availableOrder online
Xfinity71%California, Texas, South, East CoastView Plans
EarthLink40%East Coast, South, Midwest, WestView Plans
AT&T45%California, Texas, Midwest, South 
Spectrum39%New York, California, Midwest, SouthView Plans
CenturyLink20%Midwest, South, WestView Plans
Cox Communications9%West, SouthView Plans
Xtream Powered by Mediacom5%Midwest, South, WestView Plans
Optimum9%West, Midwest, South, East CoastView Plans

When you ’re moving to a new home, you ’ll have to make sure you can get the same Wi- Fi service at your new position. There’s a good chance you can keep the same internet service if you are n’t moving far, but it may not be as likely if you ’re moving to a new megacity or state.

You ’ll need to double check with your provider by giving a client service rep your address. And some effects might be different about internet service in your new position. For illustration, you might be suitable to get faster pets or a more dependable connection type that you could n’t get ahead.( Let’s stopgap you wo n’t get slower pets!) Ask your client service agent if there will be any significant changes to your internet package when you transfer your service.

What if you have to change internet providers?

Before you cancel, check with your current ISP to see if you have to pay in early termination freights( ETFs). Your ISP may waive ETFs for certain circumstances, similar as moving outside its content area, moving into bulk casing that uses a different ISP, or moving for military deployment. Make sure to ask about early termination figure exceptions if you cancel your service. You can also check to see if any of your new ISP options offer a contract buyout to get your business. You can find further tips in our companion to canceling your internet service.

Check for abatements or deals

When you first subscribe up with a new provider, it’s common to get blinked promotional pricing — so be on the lookout for deals when choosing your coming ISP.

Indeed if you stick with the same provider, you still may be suitable to work your move to get a reduction. It generally depends on if you ’ve completed your current contract or not. Be sure to ask if you ’re eligible for new client pricing when you record your move with your ISP.

Whether you ’re using the same provider or moving on to a new bone
, moving to a new place presents a atrocious occasion to look for stupendous internet deals. You may be suitable to get any of these gratuities

  • A promotional price that’s lower than your current bill
  • A blinked rate that comes with a television or phone pack
  • A briskly speed at the same price
  • A much better internet connection type( like fiber) for a slightly advanced price

Moving is no fun, but this is one way to make lemonade out of failures.

Pro tip

Take a look at our Stylish Internet Deals runner for a rundown of the rearmost abatements and bargains on internet packages.

Install and spark your new internet service

To set up your internet, you first need to determine if your new home is wired up for service. However, just record the service activation with the ISP, draw in your outfit, If it is. However, you ’ll need to record an installation, If it is n’t.

generally, only an ISP tech is going to be suitable to tell you if your new place is 100 ready for rockin ’ Wi- Fi, but then are a couple of ways you can make a nicely accurate conjecture.

  • Ask the ISP the last time service was active at your new address. However, chances are all the cabling is still in place and functional, If the last proprietor or tenant had the same internet service. However, television, or phone service that rerouted the home’s cabling, If the former occupant used a different internet.
  • See if your modem goes online. generally, a modem will go online if there’s a clear connection to the ISP’s network, indeed if the service is n’t active it wo n’t give internet access, but it should connect. However, try hooking it up and check the modem status lights to see if it goes online, If you have access to your new place and have your modem. However, all that’s left wing to do is call the ISP to spark once you ’re ready to make the switch from your old place, If it does. However, you presumably need a tech to come out, If your modem does n’t go online.

Once you ’ve figured out whether or not you need an install, it’s time to record your service activation. However, note that you generally ca n’t have internet access at your old address and your new address at the same time( unless you want to pay double), so make sure you do n’t still need internet at your old home when you record the service to switch over, If you ’re keeping the same ISP.

still, clear some time off your timetable, If you do need an install. Prepare to live without internet for over to four hours — looking at you, remote workers.

Pro tip

You can use your phone as a mobile Wi- Fi hotspot if there’s a detention between your move date and when you can extinguish your internet. Learn to set up your phone’s Wi- Fi tethering function with our phone hotspot companion.

Once you ’ve moved your Wi- Fi to your new home, run a speed test

You can officially breathe a shriek of relief once your internet is each set up and working duly in your new home. Just to be thorough, run a many speed tests on your new system to make sure you ’re getting the pets you ’re paying for.

You can use our speed test tool — it takes only a couple twinkles.

How to run a speed test Close out of all your windows and apps and run the test. Try it a many different times and see if you get different pets throughout the day. Your speed will probably change, but if you ’re happy with how it’s handling, also congratulations you have successfully transferred your internet service to a new house. Hurray!

FAQ about transferring your internet service

How do I move my router?
You can move your router to a new address in four easy way:

  • open it.
  • Pack it up.
  • Connect it at your new place.
  • Sync it to your new Wi- Fi.

utmost routers are compatible with a wide range of internet setups and connections, but you ’ll likely need to produce new settings( including a new login word).

Moving a modem or modem/ router quintet can occasionally be a little more tricky. A modem needs to be cleared for use from your internet provider in order for it to work on the ISP’s network — but you can confirm that it’s good to go just by looking on the box or searching for your modem’s model online.

Can I take my modem to another house?

You can take your modem to another house so long as it works with the same internet connection type you have in your new home. It also has to be certified to work on your new internet provider’s network. else, you ’ll need to get a new modem or rent one from your provider. Make sure you notify your ISP before using the modem at the new address.

Can I set up internet before I move in?

Unless you have a special arrangement with the landlord or former tenant, you probably will need to be present in your new home before you can spark and set up your internet. Call your ISP ahead of time to record a date for activation — it’s stylish to choose the day you move by.

still, you ’ll also need to record a time for professional installation, If your new place is n’t wired for internet formerly. Make sure to communicate your ISP ahead of time( two weeks at least) so you wo n’t have a long delay between moving by and setting up your Wi- Fi.

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