Tips for Saving Battery Life on iPhone

Tips for Saving Battery Life on iPhone – We ’ve all had that moment when we find ourselves nearly with no power outlets to be set up, and with lower than 20 percent of battery life left on our iPhone. Sorry, beautiful plate of rubbish feasts you were planning to show off on Instagram, moment isn’t your day. To help that travesty from being again, then are 10 tips for saving battery life on the iPhone, with an emphasis on operations in iOS 7

10 Tips for Saving Battery Life on iPhone

Background App Updates

We agree it’s stupendous not having to check which apps need to be streamlined on your iPhone, thanks to Background App Refresh which allows the automatic updates of your apps. still, this can really take a risk on your battery life. However, to disable the point go to Settings> General> Background App Refresh and turn off the function or choose and pick the apps you do n’t want to modernize automatically, If you prefer to turn this point off.


Airdrop allows you to ray/ send lines to other iOS bias. You do n’t need to have this point on all the time. In order to save your precious battery life, you can turn off this point by going to the Control Center and opting the option to Disable AirDrop.

Lower Screen Brilliance

No matter what iOS device you ’ve had, screen brilliance is a battery killer. However, you got ta wear tones, consider taking it down a many notches, If your iPhone’s screen is so bright. Go to Settings> Wallpapers and Brilliance, also disable bus- Brilliance. You can also lower drop the brilliance of your screen manually.

WiFi Hunt

Still, turning off the WiFi Hunt function will save some battery life, If you do n’t need to be on the constant hunt for a WiFi connection. Go to the Control Center and toggle off the WiFi button.

Position Services Maybe you find there’s no need to have position settings enabled for all your apps. In that case, you can turn them off by going to Settings> sequestration> position Services and toggling off the apps you do n’t need connected to your phone’s GPS.


This internal hunt function can come in handy, but it can also put in a serious dent in your battery life while it’s indexing the contents of your iPhone. Go to Settings> limelight Hunt and take a look at any particulars you do n’t use and remove them from limelight’s hunt.


You like robustness? You like the new dizzying features of iOS 7 like moving wallpapers and similar? If not, also you can save your battery life by turning off Apple’s Parrallax point. Go to Settings> General> Availability and elect Reduce stir to On. Dispatch announcements So cost
Make “ cost ” be and disable the Push option on your emails! Push dispatch downloads emails when they arrive, meaning your iPhone is constantly checking for new dispatch and using up your battery.

However, you can record when to check for new dispatch, If you are n’t in a rush to get new emails the moment they arrive. Go to Settings> Correspondence, Connections, timetable and go to Fetch New Data. Disable the Push option. also set the Fetch Schedule to every 15 twinkles.

Push announcements for Apps

You do n’t really need a drive announcement for all your apps, do you? Give your battery a rest by turning off some of your announcements. Go to Settings> Notification Center and scroll down to the Include section, and turn off some of those pesky announcements.

Siri’s Raise to Speak

The Raise to Speak function does exactly that, allows you to raise your iPhone to speak into it and talk to Siri. This also takes up some battery power, so you can disable this point by going to Settings> General> Siri> Raise to Speak and toggling the point off. Follow these tips for saving battery life on the iPhone, and you wo n’t be caught with a dying battery when you need it most!

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